Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Your Date for This Evening.....Adolph!

It's been a slow Blog week/month/winter. I did have a date over the weekend but I'm going to hold off talking about him for a couple days. Just a heads up, though, it went REALLY well.

Instead, I'm going to tell you the story of my date with Adolph. I was introduced to him via the matchmaker on a summer afternoon in 2010. We met at a bakery/coffee place in an upscale area. The things I knew about him were; divorced, no children, teacher, and he owned his own house. He lived on the West side of Cleveland and was a bit older but not by much. When he walked in I was not impressed on the looks front. He wore crappy shorts, a tshirt, sandals, and was balding. Now,  I enjoy bald. Give me Bruce Willis any day and I will be a satisfied woman. Adolph tried to pretend he wasn't balding. There was no overt combover but he was definitely trying to salvage his hair line.

Conversation was............extremely interesting. We discussed his divorce from his wife, whom he met via the same matchmaker. HE was divorcing her because she basically wanted sex too often. I'm sorry, WHAT??!! She wanted sex every night and that was just too much for him. I knew then we weren't going to work out. Who turns down sex from their wife of all people?! But I was interested. What more could this man say that would throw my view of people in general into chaos?

~That it was ok to rent my unfinished attic to an Immigrant. They should just be thankful.
~That he wanted to get married again, have children and live in separate houses (that one I might have gotten on board with.)
~Eugenics based on IQ and economic status was the way the country should go.

I know there was more then this. I sat there in utter silence, despair, and shock. When it came time to go, I gave it an hour, he walked me out, said what a lovely time he had and proceeded to ask for my number to continue getting to know me. I told him I could give it to him but that I wouldn't answer and there was no way I'd go out again with him. Sophie says that was a bit bitchy but that man was bat shit crazy! And I told the matchmaker I thought so, there was no way in hell any one would think we should be matched up and good luck finding his significant other (he's probably happily married, living in an unfinished pool house).
You're Welcome!

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