Friday, January 20, 2012

Facebook will be My Down Fall

 FB and dating
*This link is hilarious and I totally agree!

I love Facebook. It makes stalking easier. But, I'm a stealth stalker. I won't ask to be a guy I'm talking to's friend. If he asks I'll probably let him in, depending. I don't have to much on it that's embarassing. Except some pics with REALLY dark hair. And some where I'm a little more flabby. And some where I'm clearly drunk. But every one has been there. Everyone has those pics. I was friended by "girlie hand Bryan" after our 2nd date. And I felt it was to clingy. Then I friended Sauce and wasn't accepted, a month into our "relationship". Stan and I are FB friends and it's worked out pretty well. I sometimes get a little upset of his pics with girls but I'll get over that. My most recent friend from dating is Calvin. He asked and he's super hot and it would make it easier to check out his story so I excepted. We now communicate mostly through FB. HMMMM, I think that should speak for its self.

The reason I love FB for this is I can check that what he is telling me is true. "I'm the president for United Airways." Uh, FB says you're not and it lists your home as your parents basement. Anyways, FB, jsut like everything else has good points and bad points. I'm not sure when I'd let a guy in my FB friends list but it'll probably be at least two months in.

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