Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Officially Friend Zone

This past weekend was my birthday and at 33 I kind of just wanted a quiet evening celebration. I had a groupon for one of my favorite Italian restaurant and I asked Stan to dinner. There has always been an undercurrent of sexual tension between us. Since it was my birthday I thought I might indulge a little if the opportunity arose. It did not and we are now more then ever firmly in friend zone.

Over all, I did have a great weekend. I got cupcakes for breakfast. TWICE! Was sung Happy Birthday by two little munchkins. And had a so so date with another Stan, who will never get a number. I put the cabash on that one. Whew, annoying.

I did no running this weekend and feel a little guilty. I kind of just wanted to vege out while I moved from 32 to 33.


Meg said...

Who is Stan??

CLE Runner said...

Stan is a guy I've been seeing off and on since June. He's been on here before. Doesn't want to date, thinks he needs a rebound before he dates me & wants to be friends but get jealous when I go out with other guys. He's still sleeping with ex and slept with a girl 6 hours before going out with me for my bday. Even after he was told I was going to wear a matching set.