Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And So It Begins....Again

Marathon training has started. Or, I should say the idea of marathon training has started. I purchased a marathon training plan from RW. I went with the under 4:30 one. It was my goal last time and I missed it by almost an hour, so I decided to try again. The plan was to start the training plan yesterday but when I entered it in my calendar it had the race happening two weeks before the actual race. I decided it'd be better to maintain now rather then two weeks before the race. Therefore, actual training has been postponed. But, only be two weeks.

Running has also been on a little hiatus. My basement where the bike and treadmill are set up is torn up and in a constant state of transition. I'm trying to finish my basement and am currently chipping old paint off the walls and washing them down. I have to keep moving my bike and treadmill to protect them from the water and haven't really been able to use them in awhile. Which, at the moment is ok. Cleveland is experiencing some sort of spring. I went running outside last Friday in 55 degree weather and saw buds on a rhododendron! I'm hoping today will stay sunny and I'll be able to get out again.

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