Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sore and Tired

I am so sore and tired!
How sore and tired, you ask?
So sore and tired that when I fell onto my bed while removing my clothes I just laid there for a good five minutes before moving. Even my side boob hurts. Which I suppose means it's actually muscle and not fat. Or rather muscle under it all.

I had hoped to run this morning but sleep seemed a better option. I have to say I have not been running in a very long time and it saddens me. I realize that it's just me holding me back but I can't get out of the bed. It was super cold and now I'm sore and tired from Crossfit. I have decided to sign up for the Flying Pig 10K and am hoping it kicks my butt into gear!

FYI! I wrote this Tuesday and am posting it on Thursday! So tired.


Running Meg said...

Well, dang, that sounds like a good workout to me. I love that super tired feeling!

I have had my eye on Flying Pig for a travel race. Is it a good one?

CLE Runner said...

It is a great race for me, I get to see friends that live down there. I have only done the 10K and I can say that it is a bit hillier than the runs I've done in other places. 2-3 bridges, if I remember correctly. I will say I have never liked the last mile or so. you keep twisting and turning through downtown Cinci and I always think the next turn is the turn to the shoot. It NEVER is! I'm not sure what the 1/2 and full are like. I imagine even more hills!