Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I Think This Says Something

I'm green. He sells stuff on eBay all the time.
This Friday marks 4 weeks with Josh and things seem to be going well. There are a couple of weird things but I'm hoping to break him of them.

One that I brought up to you all last week was the way he holds his fork. You guys, I didn't even say anything but he brought it up himself and said he was trying to "stop eating like a barbarian." he then promptly picked up his fork and proceded to eat like said barbarian. DIDN'T LAST LONG DUDE!

The other is....he sleeps fully clothed, He stayed over last Friday after a late night out and he slept fully clothed. Jeans. Tshirt under a sweatshirt. FULLY CLOTHED! Maybe it's cause he didn't have pjs. Or, he just wasn't that comfortable. I don't know but it is definitely something I will keep an eye on.
Hmmm, not surprised I didn't know that.

This little gem of a texteration happened yesterday. I think it says a lot about my lack of serious boyfriends over the past couple of years. I wanted to reply with "Lol, probably why I haven't had any REAL boyfriends over the past couple of years." But didn;t think that would reflect well on me.


Running Meg said...

HA. I have never heard of that one, either.

I get the fully clothes thing. I can see not being comfortable PLUS not wanting to seem too forward or like he was pressuring you for anything. If he does that after a real grown up sleepover then you need to worry about it.

CLE Runner said...

Yeah. It was a grown up sleep over. Got fully clothed. WEIRD!!

Kit said...

Wait, he put the clothes back on?! Well, that's...