Monday, August 11, 2014

Six Months

That's roughly how long I'm going to be off running. BOOOOO!!!!!

I saw my ortho today and I should just go ahead and sit the MD boards. It was exactly what I thought it was, insertional tendonitis of the achiles. They did take some X-rays and there were no stress fractures or spurs. There was how ever the start of calcification of the achiles, which can happen after repeated injury. I've found that it happens a lot with me. I've had to have my back ultrasounded and red lighted twice since 2001. My muscles get so tight for so long that they start to calcify.

So now I have to do physical therapy and lots of stretching. I have to wear a heel lift for a week (it feels really weird). I can bike and swim and weight train. Crossfit was not recommended but I think I can tweak the WODS to accommodate my heel.

Now I NEED to get serious about my food since I can't run and will be a little less active for awhile.

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