Friday, August 29, 2014

My August

Bracelet Rocky gave Sophie
Oh My God!! I can't believe August is over. I feel like summer just got started. And my August has been jam packed with fun and stuff.

The first week of August I got a paid trip to NC where I saw a long lost friend. I don't know why we didn't get a pic of the reunion but sadly we did not.

The second weekend of August I actually got to go to the beach for the first time ALL SUMMER!! It was amazing and I'm hoping to go one last time this Monday for Labour Day.

Walking into The Feast
The following weekend my sister, Sophie and her fiance, Rocky Balboner (his choice), came for a visit. I took them to the Westside Market for the sight and the most amazing crepes. They had a special August crepe with honey, honey chevre cheese and strawberries. Don't worry, I split it with my sister. After Lunch/dinner we went off to the Feast in Little Italy. Here we proceeded to have a great time. My sister kept trying to get me to talk to the guys but I felt that it was a little weird that they wore more jewelry than I did. Her reply was that it was good thing cause then they'll give me lots of jewelry too. At which point Rocky walked up and put a rubber bracelet on her wrist!! "SEE!!"

There are so many stories for that night:
-Like the married guy that kept buy me drinks and who my sister kept forgetting he was married every 20 mins!
-Or Sophie and Rocky getting lost on one street and calling me to come find them.
-Or finding out that they bought me pizza instead of the fried dough I asked for. I never got either of them. And didn't find out about the missing pizza till the next afternoon.

This past week I've been on vacation and spent the weekend mostly with my sister and parents. Then yesterday I saw some extended family on Catawba. I also saw Original Flavor for drinks and dinner. My original plan was to go to Myrtle Beach but nixed it to spend time with my family (and save money). It was a good thing too, I had to replace my front breaks and hoses (so much for saving money) when they wouldn't release.

This final weekend of August I get to see my 5 greatest friends. Most of us have been friends from high school, one I have known since grade school. It should be low key but great fun!! Can't wait!!

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