Saturday, May 31, 2014

Life Just Got Real

Some body got ENGAGED this past weekend!!!

No, no. Not me. Sweet Lord Jesus, preserve me if Whiskey proposed. I'm still not convinced I should be in this relationship. SOOO much baggage and I have a lot of concerns.

Any hoodle! My baby sister!! YAY YAYAYAY!!   I love her choice in a partner and he is completely perfect for her. They actually compliment each other very well. And I'm so happy for them!! Even if it means I have to dance in a pig trough. It's a Family Tradition. I'm pushing for an Italian pig trough. Preferably one in Capri or Florence. It'll soften the blow.

So now Shit Got Real! I need to focus on kicking my sugar addiction. Which really took a hit this week. I did quite a bit of baking for work and I of course had to test it ALL! Get back on the running kick. And SERIOUSLY do my CrossFit. Becuase, while I'm more or less ok with my body, I realize I don't always like myself in pictures. And we all know weddings have a shit ton of pictures. Plus, I have been feeling a bit uncomfortable over the past 3 months and I know it's the 10#s that snuck back after leaving my crossfit gym.

While speaking about sugar....Go see Fed Up. Amazing eye opener!

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