Sunday, March 2, 2014

Well, SHIT!

In the last update I introduced you to the new guy in my life but failed to mention his name. Let's call him Whiskey. Which is pretty fitting since I do love my whiskey.

We're going into our 7th week of dating and we have some form of communication every day. We haven't actually labeled "us" as BF or GF but we have decided not to see others or go looking.

Anyways, the point of this entry: he surprised me Thursday with a free evening and yesterday with a free 2 hours. It was quite nice since I thought this week was going to pass with out seeing him (he is the primary parent for his son and couldn't get a sitter.)

Thursday he came over late but we sat around and caught up on our weeks and then I went to bed. He stayed up and did lawyer things. Whiskey left very early Friday morning so that he could be in Michigan for court. When I got up in the morning I went into the living room to turn on lights and briefly looked at the note pad on the coffee table. No note. And I was disappointed. I didn't EVEN know I was the type of girl who wanted notes!  I went in to take my shower and saw the note on my mirror. And my day was made!
Saturday, Whiskey came over, we had a small lunch, a drink and some talk. We also had a make out session. The problem is that in the middle I got carried away and blurted out "I love you." Quickly followed by "OH! SHIT!" Cause, it's not quite what I meant. It was "I love brownies." Or, "I love the way you kiss me." Even, "I love Big Bang Theory." It was not Love Love. Yes, I can see possibly in the future being love love but not now.

I can't decide if I should try to explain what I meant or just ignore it and pretend it never happened.

Probably #2.

He did give me the login and password for his Netflix.

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