Friday, March 28, 2014

CrossFit Today

As you know, I've left my CrossFit box. It was heartbreaking and incredibly difficult to do but my finances dictated it. I've been trying to do it on my own at my local gym. Up until last week it was very sporadic. I've been a bit more consistent but does two weeks count as good behavior? I also did runs of 3 miles Saturday, 2miles Tuesday, 3 miles Thurday.

My two WODs this week were difficult. As you can see. I left off the row

s on today's. I've been having some left knee pain after running and noticed the past couple of times rowing my left knee hurt in the back. Being more consistent with my CF and running has also led me to be a little bit more disciplined in my eating habits, too. I'm hopeful that this is a return to the "norm" for me. I need it, the past 6-9months has been pretty crappy on the food/exercise front.

On a side note: During one of the 1min breaks in today's WOD an INCREDIBLY fit woman who was finishing up with her trainer came up to me and told me how amazing and dedicated I was and wanted to know if I programmed my own workouts. She also noted that I work really hard. Which I do! I go balls to the wall when I work out. It's just getting started that's the problem. It felt crazy good to be told this and will carry me into the next two weeks helping me to make the last two weeks a habit!

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