Thursday, January 23, 2014


Today was front squat day at Crossfit. I feel we've been doing squats for 2 weeks! Front squats, back squats, squat cleans, squat snatch, overhead squat. All of them. Repeatedly for the last month! It was so bad that last week that when it came time for my long run Saturday I had to postpone it to Sunday and then sit in the sauna for a bit. I'm scared what I'll have to do tomorrow.

The point of this post is this. The goal of today's front squats was to increase our 3 rep max by 5 pounds. It had been 135. I got to 140 and I felt I could do more. So I went up to 145. And then again to 150. On rep 2 as I was coming up......I may have peed a little. I didn't go for the 3rd rep.

They say you may pee during double unders. Nobody warned me about squats!

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Running Meg said...

Now that is bad-ass!

I don't do CrossFit but good for you for kicking butt!