Saturday, January 25, 2014


Yesterday I had a date. Nothing to really talk about. He's perfectly normal, no missing teeth, has an awesome job, and seems pretty cool. The problem I had was in getting ready for said date. I put my skinny jeans on......and about fainted trying to get them zipped. At first I thought it was all the squats. My luscious ass was getting to big for my skinny jeans. Then, I weighed myself this morning. It was not good. I've gained about 8 pounds from when I had my tonsils out.

It was the damn holiday's, my mom's great Christmas cookies and Thanksgiving pies. It didn't help that my birthday comes right after Christmas and like my Grandmother I celebrate for a month! It sucked me into another sugar dependance. This monkey on my back needs to jump off!! I need to get back to paleo with low sugar, no carbs and only sweet bacon to set my mouth on fire! I'm waiting till February 3rd to get back to full Paleo. Celebrating my birthday with my family this coming weekend and I don't want to restrict myself. I wish I could find another Challenge to do, it makes it so much easier. My gym however is not doing one and I won't be there anymore after January 31.

Now THE GYM! I went to my new place this morning for a run. I use the treadmills on the second floor, allowing me to watch the weightlifting area as I run. This also allows me to scope out new arm candy! Any hoodle. I watched as this guy set up a bar for deadlifts, walked away, came back, touched the bar, walked away, came back. REPEATEDLY!! for 2-3 minutes. I wanted to scream, "JUST PICK UP THE DAMN BAR!!" He finally did, and completed a couple of reps  of insanely bad form deadlifts and then the cycle repeated. And again for back squats. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to handle this new gym.

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