Saturday, December 14, 2013

Full circle

 And now my blog has come FULL CIRCLE!!
The GUY who caused me to start this blog, found me on one of the dating sites and sent an email. We've actually been pretty civil and talked running and a bit about our lives. I have no idea if he's still "down sized" or not. I kind of want to ask.....

I got several emails this week that were troubling.
1) asked if I gave good head. Mind you none of the words in the email were spelled correctly! I reported this one to the site and was assured "justice would be swift."
2) When did I become a cougar?! I'm not 50!!

3) Some one asked me to tell them about my garden and all I can think about is The Bloggess's Lady Garden! Needless to say I haven't replied because I can't decide if he wants to know how trim I keep it or what flowers I harvest.

I swear there was more I wanted to talk about but that's what happens when you start an entry one day and then try to finish it the next.


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