Sunday, December 8, 2013


Let's face it. My job has long hours and I do most of my life stuff, ie cooking, cleaning, errands, on the weekends. I'm up early everyday, running, biking, CrossFitting, so I go to bed early. I have a demanding cat (saying that may categorize me as "cat lady"). All of this leaves me little time to "hang out" and meet someone. Plus, I'm not really the bar fly type and I don't want "that guy" either. Therefore, I do my dating almost exclusively online. I'm on 3 dating sites, all have the same profile and the same pictures. We email a couple of times, then we agree to meet and one of us gives the other our phone number. It's just easier to come to an agreement on where and when via text or voice.

And now we get into one of my pet peeves. Ninety-eight out of a hundred times I get asked for a picture. I have all my profile pictures on my phone and since they're already online I send one of those and then ask for one in return, which I set as their pic in my contacts. This makes it infinitely easier to keep track of conversations and dates. I  can link a convo with a face much better than with name.

I thought this was effing hilarious, he did not.
Now, when they ask for a pic I know they don't want a pic that they've already seen. I KNOW what type of picture they want and I don't ever send those. I think its rather ballsy to ask for a topless picture from a girl you have not yet met in person or have only seen once or twice. Plus, I just don't like the idea of having pictures of my body out there. My refusal to send naked pictures doesn't go over well for the majority of the askers. This, then, tells me a lot about the guy and I have nothing to do with him any more.

Sometimes, the guy will play it cool at first but then ask randomly through out the "relationship." I find this extremely annoying. If I say no once asking me repeatedly is not going to change my mind and if anything it's going to get you a picture of my tonsils. I had one guy say, "no, send me a body pic." So, he got my tonsils. He didn't specify which part of my body.

Edited, had included face and penis.
Then there are those who just send a naked picture of themselves thinking you will reciprocate. That's a big fat negative! It's very shocking to receive a text notification, you expect it to be a picture of something funny or their cat or christmas decorations and instead it's naked mirror shot! I DID NOT ASK FOR THIS!! I HAVE NOT EVEN SEEN IT IN PERSON YET!! You are not turning me on.

In some ways technology has made dating so much easier. But, it comes with it's own pitfalls. I doubt people just getting to know each other were asked for naked pics before smartphones were around.

Sorry, there's no real conclusion here. I'm just venting.

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