Monday, February 11, 2013

OH! These Guns!

Today was a rough arm workout. I'm thinking I want to try to get 2 70.3 triathlons in this year. I found one in June that I would love to do and of course, there's the REV3 in September. If I do the early one I need to get moving on training. I'm decidedly lacking in all areas. Running is not going well. I'm going to blame the crappy CLE weather.

Today, I did CrossFit then got in a swim. ALL EFFING ARMS!!!
I had to do a one rep max on shoulder press, 88#. Kind of sad, but what are you going to do?
The WOD consisted of:
9 Push Press
12 Front Squat
15 KB Swings
12min AMRAP

When the girls saw the prescribed weight we looked at each other dumbfounded. None of the 5 there did prescribed weights on the press and squats. Mine were 75 and a 26 KB. I got 4 rounds in. The lead girl was just ahead of me. I think all the girls were around 4 reps.

After class I changed into a swimsuit and hit the pool for a half mile swim. I'm glad work was light on the pipetting. My GUNS are dead!

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