Saturday, February 16, 2013

No Go

Sunday I told you I would give the guy my friends set me up with another go. I did not. Saturdays incident revolved around an innocent text I sent him asking if we were still on for dinner and a movie. Instead of just texting back, " yep, see you at 6:30." He called and proceeded to go crazy off on me. So much so I pulled over to the side of the road. After I explained to to him what my text meant (way too much need) he tried to play it off like he was joking. Every person I told the story to said to run. Run now!

He hasn't really dated in 10yrs so I gave him a pass. Now, as you know valentines day was this week and the moment I was dreading happened. He wanted to know if I wanted to do anything for it. It's only been two dates and I really didn't want to have to worry about that too (works still crazy, haven't been out before 530 all week.) he sounded ok with it. He in fact was not and was actually sad that I didn't. He wanted to come down to my work for lunch. Uh, Thursday I basically ate lunch running between the 8th floor and the 7th. And Friday I didn't get any lunch.

At that point I knew a 3rd date would be cruel and I ended it. He didn't take it well. A friend said I should just send this cartoon. I thought that would be too mean. But, I should have just sent it, I would have at least gotten a laugh out of it and he took it bad anyways.

Never fear, though! I've got something less traditional on the back burner!

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