Monday, November 5, 2012

Crossfit Week 1

I love it! It's hard but it works almost every muscle group. I went Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday this week and I think that's going to be my schedule this week too. Saturdays work out was especially difficult and for time. There were four of us in the class and I finished 2nd. In the skill work "DU" is double unders. In which you jump rope and try to pass it twice on one jump. I was able to do it sporadically after some practice. My problem was I couldn't keep jumping once I did the double. Some of it was because I was so surprised that I did one!

I hurt a little but yesterday, mostly arms and shoulders. But today is a completely different story. It hurts to straighten my abs. To sit/lay down slowly. Laughing is a big issue. My abs hurt just breathing.

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