Saturday, March 5, 2016

Wonderful Days

I spent all of last week in Jamaica.....and it was AMAZING! I was down there for my sisters wedding which turned out gorgeous. The day was perfect and the setting was crazy awesome. The pictures from people with real cameras (not like my iPhone) look like they are photo shopped. They were not. The ceremony and reception after went wonderfully well. I even stayed up late to party with everyone after hours.

I must have partied hard because when I woke up the next morning I was missing the shellac polish off of ONE toenail. I don't even know how that is possible.

I didn't realize how tense and emotional I have been this year until the day after the wedding when I got a 90 min deep tissue massage. The masseuse even asked about all the knots in my should blade area. To be fair, I always get knots there, it's not strictly related to the wedding. Being back to my real life now I feel completely relaxed and different than I felt before I left. It may be that I was just in need of a great, wonderful, and happy wedding/vacation.

I'm so happy for my sister and NOW brother-in-law. They're perfect together and I can't wait to watch them go through life together.

This last bit is just a great article and if you didn't know which way I leaned politically, you do now.
It probably should be separate from this post because it is about the single woman but.....I read the article while in Jamaica. I actually read it while drinking coffee on my balcony one morning.

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Running Meg said...

I LOVE your undercut! You rock it!

The missing shellac polish made me snicker. Now that's a party!