Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The joys of POF

I can only assume that this is one of three situations.
1) He's one of those guys that thinks sending a fishing email will start a conversation between us. 
      -His email,
      - I email back with something like, "Oh, that's not me. I think you have the wrong person."
     - To which he responds with, "I'm sorry but hey you're cute. Let's chat."
   *This won't fly with me.

2) He guenuinely has the wrong person.

3) Some one has hacked my account. 

And trust me, his screen name is a lie! And I can assure you I do not send pictures of my ONE cat to anyone unless asked for them (MOM).


Running Meg said...

HA! I think you should start sending random people pictures of your one cat.

If that is an attempt to get you to talk to him then ugh, lame. I mean, seriously lame. Jeez.

CLE Runner said...

I've really been wanting to communicate with a random guy using only bitmojies and memes. I wonder how long people would allow me to keep it up. I suppose I could start slow with cat pictures.