Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Missed!

I missed the box last week at Crossfit while doing box jumps.

Post WOD
The WOD was:
10, 20, 30
BJ, over and back
Kettle bell snatch, alt arms.

My coach set up all the boxes while we warmed up and did our skill sett. I was originally set for a 24inch box but I flipped it to 20inch. I was just heading into 21 of the last set of 30 when I completely whiffed and effed up my leg. I of course kept going (after switching to a 12inch) and finished the WOD! 

Hemorrhaging at work
There was blood everywhere! I cleaned up my space and my leg as best I could. When I got home I slapped a couple of band aids on and called it a job well done! 

The missing chunk
Except 2 hours into work my leg felt a little funny. When I looked down there were dark spots in my jeans and my shoes. Blood was GUSHING down my leg and of course I have a barely serviceable first aid kit! Luckily, I work almost at a hospital and was working that day with a surgeon. He cleaned me up, offered to put in stitches if I really wanted them (I did but didn't say so), and then tightly wrapped it to stop the bleeding. He says I'm going to have a nice scar but as that leg is already scarred up, I doubt anyone will notice. 

1.5wks later and still a visible goose egg
I have yet to go back to Crossfit. Not because I'm embarrassed but with trying to stop bleeding, the holiday, and a couple other things, it just hasn't happened. I plan on heading in Friday but will probably be at work till 830 Thursday and it'll be 50/50 if I make it!

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