Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm Horrid

Yesterday, I met a guy I had been seeing for about 5 dates for drinks and dinner. I've been trying to decide how I felt towards him for the past 5 dates. I had hoped that his recent trip abroad would allow this thing to just fizzle and die. But, alas, I had no such luck. I received emails while he was gone and a text alerting me to his return and his wish to see me.

The horrid part is there's nothing wrong with him. He's perfectly nice. Perfectly attractive. We share roughly the same views on life and politics. Dinner or drinks with him were always pleasant. But there was always something missing. I felt no passion for him. No burning desire to see him.

During dinner he talked of things to do in the future, to which I replied VERY noncommittally. As we were walking back to our cars I felt I needed to be honest with him and explain how I felt. He took it well and tried to tell me that passion can sometimes grow. It also seemed like he felt the same way but was willing to settle for a happy if passionless relationship. It might be ok for him but not for me.

Oh, did I mention that when I got to the bar he had a gift for me from his trip? I tried to give it back but he only took the alcohol and left me with the knick knack. I'm not a knick knack person.

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