Thursday, August 23, 2012

No Long Run

This past weekend was my first in four that I have not had anything planned. Let me clarify. By anything, I mean no races or excursions. I still had things planned. I always have plans, BWAHAHAHAHA!

I got up Saturday at a decent hour, put on my running clothes and laced up my shoes. The weather was perfect, that crisp sunny morning type. I got a half mile from my house and thought, "Hm, this seems rather difficult. I must be going too fast." But, when I looked at my Garmin the pace read 13:40 something. Excuse me?!?! That's when I decided I had too many plans and too much on my plate to do a 15 mile run after 3 weeks of back to back to back tris. I turned around and headed home for a shower, coffee and a jump start on my plans.

I was going to list them here but honestly, do you really care?
Suffice it to say I was busy and in the process found two things that needed fixing and put them on this coming weekends list. The big TADA moment was repairing my siding by myself.

I also had a date with STK2. It was kind of blah. I can't say for sure if it's just us together or what. I do know we were both in moods. He seemed rather quiet and I was just in a mood.

The guitars spin!!
Also, on my list was to donate my old medals. I was waiting to send them until I got my TRI medal but that still hasn't come in. Oh well, it'll be in the next batch. My 1/2 marathon, marathon and tri finisher medals are on their way to Medals 4 Mettle. I kept the ribbons for myself (you can't send them anyways) took pics of all of them and sent them off. I kind of wish they would send me a pic of the kids that get them. I just hope they love 'em as much as I did.

My short runs this week have been pretty good. I did a tempo run today and it went smoothly. I think I'll get my long run in this Saturday. I'm shooting for 16 miles.
 PIECE OF CAKE!!! Uh, huh.

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