Thursday, August 2, 2012

How Long

Must I wait to see my results from Sundays triathlon?!

This is ridiculous! I have another race this weekend and would like to know where I need to improve. They were printing out the rough finish times at the race, why are they not up yet? I have been checking at least twice a day to find nothing up.

The pics are up, though! Not good by the way. Awful. Terrible. One of me coming out of the swim looking like a drowned rat. You will never see these!


Judy said...

You know I have to go look up your pictures now, right?

CLE Runner said...

Haha! They are hideous! Also, good luck! I threw out the email with the link and after I posted this tried to go through the site to look at them such luck! Although, I didn't try too hard! I was still a little peeved at the lack of results!

CLE Runner said...

The site says the results are up and clicking the link takes me to the result site for that race. But, the results only go up to 2011! They're also putting on the tri next weekend, the regional championship, I'm not that confident in them!