Monday, May 11, 2015

Neighborhood Watch

This past Saturday I did a 3 mile run and then promptly came home to shower. It was hot and I was sweaty. Saturdays are also the days I do my grocery shopping, so after my 2 hours of liesurely coffee sipping, I drove off to the Market. As I pulled out of my drive I could not for the life of me remember if I put on deodorant. Being the only logical thing, I sniffed my pits, in my car with the windows down, rocking out loudly to Dirty I drove past the hot new neighbor drinking his coffee on his front porch.

Lesson? 1. Always be aware of new nieghbors.
              2. maybe you should look around before sniffing your pits!

1 comment:

Running Meg said...

HAHAHAHHAHAH oh lordie. Just like the laws of the world dictate that on your worst appearance day when you have greasy hair and no make up on you will run into an ex or a mean girl from high school.

At least he knows you care about how you smell.