Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Age

For the first time in 36 years I actually feel my age. I've felt this way for the past month or two and it may be Crossfit kicking my ass or it may be that I'm 36 and old.

My mother facetimed me yesterday as I was attempting to get off the couch for water. There may have been some creaking and moaning involved in that attempt, which prompted my mother to ask "what is wrong with you?" Old age mom, old age.

This weekend has me both scared and excited. Scared, because I'm going to do a 10k run on basically one 3mile long run and sporadic 2milers. But, I'm SUPER EXCITED to see my friends that live in Cincinnati!!

Also, I'm back on the dating scene and it's exhausting. I got emailed by a 21yo offering to be my slave and calling me a goddess. My sister made me throw him back. Which, in retrospect was the right call but may have been fun for a bit.

A crazy sidenote about this dating..I was talking with a friend the other day about my dating life and prospects and mentioned that if I could just form the carpenter Hot Dan into a boyfriend I would probably be all set. We had chemistry but his drinking and such made him a bad BF. Guess who texted the next day? And he doesn't drink anymore! So....we'll see. going to try to meet up Sunday.

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Running Meg said...

HA! My friends and I, who are all 35/36 feel the same way. All of a sudden it hurts to get up from a chair. Sheesh.

Good luck with your 10K! And your dating!