Tuesday, December 16, 2014

With the New Year...

I don't like New Years resolutions. I'm sure I've said that here before and the reason is, if there is something worth doing you should do it no matter what time of year the idea hits you. And the idea of a "resolution" just seems like so much pressure.

BUT THIS YEAR.... I'm still not making a resolution. I will, however, use the date as a starting point.  A point to get back to the old me. The me of a year and a half ago. The me before my DNF, before my injury. The me that was so motivated to finish a 1/2 ironman that it really changed my habits.

I feel that I lost a lot of this motivation when I got injured. It made running painful and based on advice I stopped everything for a month. And it still didn't get better. I realize that during this time I gave up on a lot of other things. Swimming, why could't I swim? I didn't but I could have. I gave up on eating REALLY healthy. I ate relatively healthy. If you compare it to "average America." But I could have eaten better. I suppose my thought process was, "if I can't run/work out, what's the point?"

I'm off work for a whole week during Christmas and my plan is to reread this SUPER motivating book, get back into consistant running/working out. I won't attempt to eat super healthy at this time, it's pointless with my mother's christmas cookies, visits with friends, and holiday parties. But January 1st it's on!!

What happened to the bad ass me? I WANT her back.

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