Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Wall...I Hit It

I hit it hard.

The day was beautiful when I woke up, 50 and sunny. Possibly a little to windy but all in all a great day for a run. I was super excited to have a sunny run for my first 10 miler in months that I basically just ran out if the house. I was torn at first on a skirt or tights. 50 is that borderline temp where it could go either way. Since it was do windy I went with tights. But that's really all the thinking I gave this run.

I ran into problems at mile 7. Tired, hungry. My legs just were tired. I even stumbled a couple of times. It took me another mile to realize why this was happening. I forgot to GU!!!

If I run more than 8miles I GU at least once. For this 10miler I should have taken one at mile 5. It was a rough 3 miles back home. I ran/walked it and only came in 10 minutes later than I thought I should have.

Next week, 12!!

Oh, and I'm thinking of another tat. Although, that could be the effects of the Bon Jovi concert.

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