Friday, October 21, 2011

At least I have my toenails!

I haven't yet addressed some of the issues that go along with running. When I first started, no more then 4-5 miles on my long runs, I really didn't have any. It wasn't till I got to 10 miles that I saw problems. Mostly with chaffing and my toes. 

Chaffing is easily solved by the use of Glide or vaseline. You just have to remember to put it on, especially when you try out a new article of clothing. Some of my worst chafes have been from new shirts, where the arm rubs against the side seam. I've also experienced a constant chafe on the underside of my breasts. Glide is useful for the arms/thighs but doesn't work so well for some other areas. I've found that if you put a nice layer of Aquaphor on it really takes care of the problem. Aquaphor is also the solution if you already have the chafe. I used to just use the sample size you get at the expos but have since invested in the large size. It's for the best, I think I'll be running for awhile.  

The toes have been a problem as you can see. When I hit 10 miles I found that my pinky would slip under the next toe and because of the friction would blister. That's when I found clothe tape. A little wrapped around the pinky prevented it from slipping under and blocked the friction. That is until I hit 15 miles. Then the next toe in started acting up, so I taped that one too. At 20 it didn't matter if I taped or not I still had blisters on both. After talking with the people at my local running store  we came up with the idea of trying toed socks. They have them for running for people who choose to use Vibram's five finger "shoes". It really helped. I still occassionaly got blisters but nothing to bad. 
The pic above of my black toe is a blood blister I got from the Detroit marathon. It's slowly going away and looks way worse then it feels. I don't even notice it. Most runners lose toenails after awhile. I'm thankful that hasn't happened yet. I lost a thumb nail once and it was very disconcerting. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose multiple toenails. So, I've had regular toe blisters, blood blisters, bloody achilles, and chafing in many MANY places, but at least I have my toenails!!

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